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Mission Statement
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Vision Specialties makes this commitment to you, our customer. To provide the highest quality products for all your needs; to provide customized solutions to all your challenges; and to provide the best service available anywhere.

Everything we manufacture must meet our exacting criteria for affordability, performance, and utility. Our aim is to add value to your business, so that you will continue to do business with us. To accomplish this, each product must pass one conclusive test: unless it is better than the original, it does not meet our standards.

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Vision Specialties Statement Of Values

- Caring for our corporate image and environment
- Providing the highest quality service and the highest quality work
- Maintaining the highest level of integrity in fulfilling professional responsibilities
- Teamwork in providing customer satisfaction and building a positive company culture
- The sense of accomplishment that comes from meeting or exceeding expectations and standards of excellence
- Openness and caring in relationships with our customers and each other
- Recognizing challenges as opportunities for growth and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction
- Creative problem solving and new solutions
- Striving to develop as leaders and mentors - as role models in the company and community
- A balance between our professional and personal lives

Company History
In September 1993, the DeMarzio family founded Vision Specialties. The Objective of Vision Specialties was to provide replacement parts to the cable television converter repair industry. The primary parts sold by the company are cosmetic replacement parts. This includes:

- Power adapters and cords
- Front bezels and lenses for converters
- Overlays for converter cases
- Cases and rubber key pads for remotes

Vision Specialties also sells pre-existing products and contracts with manufacturers to reproduce to specifications.

The pricing, turn-around, and quality of Vision Specialties' products, allow us to compete effectively against original equipment manufacturers.

Our focus is to build long-term relationships with our customers. This will be achieved by collaborating with them on the development of new or enhanced product; and providing price levels that increase their profit margins.

Vision Specialties is dedicated to the current high standards of production and the future impact of interactivity. Our employees manage the vision, growth, and expansion of the business through their knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, and diversity.

Jean DeMarzio, President and Corporate Secretary had over ten (10) years working for financial institutions in various capacities before starting Vision Specialties. She has sixteen (16) years experience with Vision Specialties. Jean is responsible for overall direction of the company, financial decisions, and keeping the company's financial records.

Gina DeMarzio, Vice President of Operations, Treasurer, and Accounts Payable, is in charge of day-to-day operations. Gina has eleven (11) years of experience with Vision Specialties.

Donn DeMarzio, Director of Operations and Vice President of National Sales and the Northeast Region, is the director of sales and marketing. He has over thirty (30) years background in sales with the last twenty-two (22) years specific to the CATV industry.

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